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Why Lead Generation so important in sales

Why Lead Generation  so important in sales 


Many businesses are struggling right now—especially when it involves growth. Let's mention the importance of lead generation and its impact on business growth.


The Importance of Lead Generation in Sales

Sure, many of the business struggles as lately are thanks to the poor economy. But many businesses are having a “lead generation” problem.

Salespeople are running out of gas because they believe they've hit the limit of individuals and corporations to sell their products or services to.

In reality, these salespeople are likely:

-Looking in the wrong places for new business

-Don’t have a process for qualifying/dis-qualifying leads

-Don’t have buyer personas mapped out properly


There is a standard misconception that sales are simply cold calling as many of us or businesses as possible until you get a bite.

The truth is, finding the proper target–or buyer persona–is even as important to sales as actually selling to them. The process of finding this new business is named lead generation.


Generating New Sales Leads

One of the most important keys to a successful business is the generation of the latest sales leads.

A lead may be a person or company that has shown some interest in the services or products that your company provides. It also can be a corporation or one that fits a target group for what you're providing.

Without leads, a sales team cannot be successful. Therefore, generating good leads is simply as important as refining your pitch or closing well.

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Generating the Right Leads

Now you would possibly be asking, “How do I generate the proper leads?”

Years ago, leads were developed by meeting people, cold calling, and buying lists. And as any seasoned salesperson knows, pure cold calling has its flaws. Sure, you'll generate leads through cold calling and networking, but this process is extremely time-intensive. And it should not be the sole lead generation source.

Thanks to advances in technology, we now have many lead generation options. In the last 10-15 years advances in technology have made it extremely easy to focus on and acquire ideal leads.



Social media and search engines have greatly simplified the method of generating leads. It takes a matter of seconds to seek out a mess of companies and other people who fit the standards for a possible sale.

It may take some extra research to seek out your new lead’s contact information, then some longer to contact them, but it'll still be a thousand times faster than cold calling. It’s now possible to get a particularly high volume of leads during a short period of your time.


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What next?

Once you've started collecting some really high-quality leads, you would possibly want to find out more about running an efficient prospect meeting or overcoming objections.

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